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You Name It, Win Up To PHP 5,000 in ETH & Limited Edition Coins Merchandise!

You Name It, Win Up To PHP 5,000 in ETH & Limited Edition Coins Merchandise!

As grows, we continue to be committed in building a close-knit and inclusive community. To give our community a stronger identity, we are asking YOU to give our community a name!

Here is the scoop, our team is currently thinking of giving our community members a brand new name, but we would like to hear your recommendations and suggestions.

To spice things up, we will be launching a friendly contest where we invite you to share your ideas on what to name our Coins community members.

How To Participate

There will be 3 phases to the contest where everyone in the community will be involved!

Phase 1: Submit Your Entries To Get Shortlisted

Activity Period: July 7, 2022 (6PM, PHT) to July 14, 2022 (6PM, PHT)

Participate in the contest by proposing a name for our Coins community members! You may choose to propose up to 5 names in a single entry. The team will shortlist the 5 most creative entries on July 15, 2022.

  • Step 1: Follow Coins on Twitter, Discord and Telegram
  • Step 2: RT the giveaway tweet
  • Step 3: Submit your ideas on the form here. You may submit up to 5 entries!

Phase 2: Cast Your Vote

Activity Period: July 15, 2022 (6PM, PHT) to July 17, 2022 (6PM, PHT)

Everyone in the community gets to vote for their preferred name for the community members. To vote, make sure to join the Coins Official Discord Platform. The voting poll will start on July 15, 2022 at 6PM (PHT), so remember to cast your vote then!

*Note: Each user is only allowed to vote once.

Phase 3: Final reveal of Coins Community Name

Reveal date: July 18, 2022 (PHT)

We will reveal the new name of the Coins Community on July 18, 2022 on our Coins social media channels. The user whose entry got picked will win an exclusive Coins prize pack:

  • 5,000 PHP in ETH
  • Coins shirt
  • Coins cap
  • Coins sticker pack

The 4 other users whose entry was shortlisted will each win 1,000 PHP worth of ETH and a Coins shirt, cap, and sticker pack.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The ETH token rewards will be credited to winners within 7 business days after July 18, 2022 (PHT).
  2. The Coins merchandise rewards will be mailed to winners within 30 business days after July 18, 2022 (PHT). The Coins team will contact the winners via email for their mailing addresses and details within 7 days after July 18, 2022 (PHT).
  3. The ETH rewards will be distributed in accordance to the rate as of July 25, 2022 at 6PM (PHT).
  4. Users must be at least ID and Selfie verified to be able to claim their ETH token rewards.
  5. reserves the right to disqualify customers from the promotion for fraudulent transactions, incorrect customer data, or promo abuse, which may be determined by in their sole discretion.

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